Let's talk about: Kingdom Hearts III

So a few things came to light in the past few hours that I would like to touch upon, this will be the first of many Kingdom Hearts related news to come.

Simple Briefing of the franchise:
Kingdom Hearts (or also known as KH as an abbreviation) is a collaboration series developed by both Square Enix and Disney, beginning back in 2002 with the KH1 game that follows a young islander boy named Sora, who gets caught into a series of events of light and darkness, starting a journey to finding a way to resolve the worlds issues, finding his friends and making new ones on the way, including overcoming the challenges that are always thrown at him.
(simple & clean, eh? #PunIntended)

Jumping to the recent part that is in development, KH3, lets get to know what has been presented to us so far...

  • The opening theme is by Utada Hikaru and named: Think Twice. I love what I've heard so far, at first I thought that the theme doesn't fit the overall idea, but as more trailers come out, I can see the correlation and it just makes my feels pour out enthusiastically.
  • Speaking of the musical scores, Miss Yoko Shimomura is back again with more heart throbbing work that are just waiting to be heard, I can't wait to see what is in store for us!
  • The worlds us normies know about: Frozen, Big Hero 6, Hercules, Tangled, Monsters Inc., Twilight Town, DayBreak Town, Toy Story, the Land of Departure, Yensid's Tower...are a few that we for sure know about.
  • Summons that we know will appear: Ariel - Little Mermaid, Simba - Lion King, Wreck it Ralph - Wreck it Ralph, DreamEaters - KH DDD, Remy - Rattatouile 
  • New combat feature(s): Attraction rides (this would hype any KH fan when attending Disney world), Keyblade Transformation are what gets me excited...mainly...
  • Speculation: members of the organisation sent to each world on the huntdown: Larxene in the Frozen world going after Elsa, Marluxia in the Tangled world, Vanitas in Monsters Inc. going after the Ventus in Sora, Xemnas and Ansem in Twilight Town going after Roxas (possibly)...
  • you have more mini-game choices to play from, one particular one will be tied to the KHUX mobile game.
  • Speaking of KHUX, the foretellers might not make a physical appearance but their essence will be felt through out the game.
  • the original plan was to gather the princesses of light to forge them with the organisation xiii's seekers of darkness to forge the x-blade, but that failed...
  • who became a full human again: Lea/Axel, Ienzo/Zexion, Dylan/Xaldyn, Even/Vexen, Aeleus/Lexaeus. 
  • Confirmed and potential 13 seekers of Darkness: Xehanort, Xehanort, Xehanort (ok ok just joking, what I meant was Master Xehanort, Young Xehanort, probably an older yet young version of Xehanort), Braig/Braignort/Xigbar, Isa/Isanort/Saix, Arlene/Larxene, Dyme/Demyx, Lauriam/Marluxia, Rudol(??)/Luxord, Xemnas, Ansem and the 13th vessel... which so far is.....we shall get into that in a bit...
  • Confirmed and Potential 7 seekers of Light: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Axel, Roxas, Ventus, Terra/ Lingering Will....with the potential of .....hmmmm....we shall get into that in a bit too...
  • instead of the 3 limit party members, it has extended to a 5 limit party member, when you need the extra hand, you know this game means business!

Ok, we got the basics down, let us see a few speculations I have in mind:
  • It is confirmed that the game will start at the Land of Departure, where we shall meet young master Xehanort and young Master Eraques, see a more in-depth scene of the chess game, which we believe forshadows the events of the keyblade war.
  • alongside the chess game, I believe since in this world we start at, the tutorial stage lays here, which makes me think, what if we meet their master at one point, so we shall find out if Luxu was their master or maybe another descendant ...who knows...
  • according to the KHInsider Article, as expected, you shall have control of not only Sora, but another character too, as we know from previous trailers, Sora was sent to mount Olympus to train and regain all the powers he had lost, while Riku and Mickey were sent to retrieve the lost masters aka Aqua, Terra and Ventus (I admit at first I thought it would be the foretellers, but that thought got shot down when we got the news that they won't show up in this game), in addition to the potential of playing Riku on the Riku journey (remember this idea is not far-fetched as we have had a Riku experience back in DDD, plus the multiplayer experience back in BBS) I believe we might also be able to play as either Kairi or Axel and see how their training goes or how they reach to the DayBreak Town as implied by some other journalists...
  • Sora at one point returns to Twilight Town to extract the info that was embedded within him by Ansem the wise in which gives him the ability as stated by Ansem (remember the conversation Riku and Ansem had within Sora's dream) to revive lost members, lost members could be as follows: Roxas, possibly Ventus (if Sora finds out where Aqua kept him safe) and possibly Xion (many fans have her in their wishlist of returning characters).
  • according to the KH Orchestra, a conversation between Terra and Namine occurred within Terra's heart, or so I believe, which gave more hope and power to the lingering will to survive in order to finally restore Terra to himself when time comes, that help maybe Mickey and Riku, as they were tasked to restore the lost masters, plus it would be an emotional reunion between Terra and Riku.
  • Kairi being a princess of heart and a keyblade master-in-training, will pose great power for the seekers of light, maybe she could help the team restore a certain someone from their shadowy phase....more on that someone in a bit.....bare with me...
  • this may be the end of the Xehanort saga but could be the beginning of the foretellers saga, in my opinion, this game could be a build up to that story, as we have seen how they try to close the connection between KHUX and the main series.

I think there are a few people that believe in similar points or so, but let me now shed my major speculation on an important character, I have been holding on mentioning her so much before, because she is a major key in this article, this character being.... Master Aqua.

Nomura stated that this game will have parts that are hard to fathom, boy ohhhh boy I wasn't expecting that last scene in the Frozen Trailer, and the whole shadow Aqua scene was just too much on my tiny heart, I think I am about to turn into a heartless, and since this article is too long to read and I am currently having jumbled thoughts, I shall state what had happened in my opinion to Aqua as quick points:
  • Vanitas tricked her into joining their side as the backup: how he did so, I dunno how exactly to put it into words, but maybe a play in appearance or taking shots at her softpoints using the concept of friends and her loved ones.
  • She had a major battle, lost yet her will was so strong, the darkside had to suck her negative energy out of her and let it manifest into its own being, just like Vanitas and Ventus...
  • Terranort planned a sneak attack on her and managed to send a part of him into her, making her part Xehanort.
  • Aqua willingly became a darkseeker but in reality is a double agent and might end up sacrificing herself to save everyone else....
  • Or and I believe most likely, as hinted by a scene in her passage, she was just a bit weak and gave in due to her weakness, i mean ....it's a finite number of years that a person can keep on fighting darkness and she has been doing so for over 10 years...but this leaves the question, only those who are part Xehanort have the Xehanort features of amber eyes and silver hair, then why does Aqua carries these features if Xehanort didn't interfere with consuming her with darkness?! 
As the darkness engulfs her, it only makes one think, what would happened to the trio, will they all get dragged in and become Norts?
you might think, "Wait! Ven is still safe, he is not a Nort!" (......yet.), remember only aqua knows where he is, she being a Nort might just end up going to get the broken hearted and in slumber Ven, Master Xehanort could awake him by installing his heart into Ven, making Ven a Nort...

One last point, rumors have it that there is a scene of Aqua and Kairi sitting next to each other in the realm of Darkness...

Because of this rumors, I am lead to believe the Ventus - Vanitas treatment was somehow what happened to Aqua, but in the same time, maybe her encounter with Kairi is what brought her back to her senses, some may think and due to the trailer, that Riku might be the one who snaps her back into this reality, but if you notice that he is injured in that scene, making me believe that he actually fought with shadow aqua prior to that scene and it could be the reason his way to Dawn keyblade broke in half!

I won't drag this topic far beyond this, how about you tell me your opinion on this whole situation? do you think Aquanort is just the tip of the iceberg of future unbearable moments?
Share your thoughts down below or tweet me on @Xueedits using the hashtag #SaveAquanort

To keep up with the Kingdom Hearts trailers, please follow their Youtube channel.

Hope you enjoy this little read, I shall talk to you soon :)
May your heart be your guiding Key!  


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